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Summer will be here before you know it.  With it comes all of the incredible things we are looking forward to.  Hitting the pool, vacations, lazy days and more are just around the corner - but so are the potentially fatal dangers that come with the sweltering season in Louisiana.

By far, one of the most disturbing aspects of the summer is the sharp rise in avoidable child deaths as a direct result of being left in a hot car for an extended amount of time.  According to the ArkLaTex Homepage, an average of 38 kids perish every year due to a forgetful parent or guardian.

Thanks to the ingenuity of a Louisiana inventor, we now have the technology to remind drivers to check the car seat every time they get out of the vehicle.  Metairie, Louisiana resident and retired handyman David Mapes is the creator of a system called the "Kid in a Car Sensor."  Not only did he develop the system, he's currently lobbying congress to make it standard for automobile manufacturers to include it as a standard feature in new cars!

When engaged and the drivers door is opened, the system activates a warning light on the dashboard and an alarm to indicate that a child is still fastened firmly in their place.  Until a system like David is required by law to be installed in every new vehicle, he suggests that parents get an orange safety vest with the words "Baby In Hot Car!" as a reminder to check the back seat.  Even if you forget to check, someone will see your vest and ask if you forgot something.

As ridiculous as this sounds, this such an issue - everything is on the table.

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