What's the first thing you want when you get out of the mental health clinic? Caviar. You simply can't make this stuff up. She's a gorgeous and talented woman and I can't blame her for having a hard time right now. I mean, dealing with the health of her husband has had to have taken a toll. I can't imagine what she's going through. Either way, here's to your health Catherine! And another great movie filmed in the SBC!

My office mate, Erin McCarty, got a call late Saturday night from a friend who's been working with local movie crews....and she says Catherine Zeta Jones is coming to town, but wants to make sure she can get Russian caviar while she's here. None of that around my house... or Erin's for that matter but she did get on the bat phone and call a few friends who have more sophisticated palet than we do up here in radio land and they gave her a few suggestions. Since then, the information has been passed on and hopefully Ms. Jones will get her heart's desire... I just want her to stay out the hospital!