The results are in! If Shreveport could eliminate one day of work each week, they would easily take this day off.

Five-day workweeks are exhausting, aren't they? How can anyone expect us to be to functional five days in a row when we barely got a full two days off? Earlier this month, we got a holiday in the middle of the week with Fourth of July landing on a Wednesday this year. How wonderful was that? Many of you took the initiative and used your personal days to also have Thursday and Friday off, but for the rest of us, it was a four-day work week with a break in the middle.

And it was highly appealing!

It was a little work, a little break, a little work, and then the weekend. I have to admit that I kind of liked it. It also got me thinking about how rude it is that we have to work five days a week. So, we decided to put the ball in your court and ask you which day you would also take off in a perfect world where you only had to work four days a week. Although you couldn't change the Saturday/Sunday weekend, you could choose any weekday and never work that day again.

Which day did Shreveport choose? Check out the results below.

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