My dog Olive is an 11-pound sassy Shorkie that is extremely vocal. If I sit at the dinner table she will be heard and get human food. My dog has me trained very well as you can tell. One thing Olive isn't vocal about is how bad the cement and blacktop burns her paws.

After a weekend that had me sweating out of every crevice, I had to keep reminding myself that I needed to make sure I am not burning dog child's paws.

Krystal Montez

Somewhere along the line most of us forget that as much as our loyal K-9's communicate with us there are somethings they just can't tell us like "Ouch the ground is really hot! We need grass ASAP!"

Since I live in an apartment complex we have to walk to the big patchy grass area. If you walk outside and think to yourself that it is way too hot, put your hand to the ground, and if the back of your hand can't handle the heat on the pavement for more than 5 seconds, guess what, your dog can't handle it either! You can head to your nearest pet store and get your dog booties that are meant to prevent burned paws on your dog child.