The internet is going crazy over the question "Is A Pop-Tart A Breakfast Ravioli"... I say it is!

So this all started a few months back with the question of is a Hot Dog a Sandwich came up. According to Google the definition of a sandwich is "an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal." Which a Hot Dog having one piece of bread split in two means it's not a sandwich.

Now the argument has shifted to Pop-Tarts being a Breakfast Ravioli. says that ravioli is.. "small cases of pasta, often square, stuffed with a filling, usually of meat or cheese, and often served with a tomato sauce."

This is where it gets tricky because using "usually" in the definition means it's left open to other items as well and let me remind you tomatoes are fruit. After the outcry from people demanding answers the official twitter account of Pop-Tarts has responded... "...No, Pop-Tarts are not ravioli. Ravioli are Pop-Tarts"

What do you think? Are Pop-Tarts Ravioli or are Ravioli Pop-Tarts or are they completely different?

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