Whenever I wear my hair down you can see a few white hairs poking out. It is now one of my biggest insecurities. I have a bunch growing on the side of my head, I never thought I would have so many grey hairs at the age of 28.

My sister counted 25 grey hairs on my head. I asked her to pluck them out but she stopped plucking them because she was afraid she would leave me "without any hair". I sat there in our hotel room in disbelief, my sister is older than me and has zero grey hairs.

People swear it's the stress that causes grey hair. According to all the research I have done, genetics and ethnicity come into play when it comes to grey hair starting to grow.

I have a hair appointment later today and I am trying to come to terms with what I need to do. Should I take the leap and just dye my hair to cover up my grey hair or should I rock the grey hair? I know once you start dying your hair on the regular it's a serious investment from then on. Ladies, have any of you gotten grey hair before 30? If so what did you do?