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Most people take the phrase, 'pictures or it didn't happen,' seriously these days. If you don't post about it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Snap Chat, the perception is that it DIDN'T happen because so many of us are in the habit of chronicling our daily lives for the rest of the world to see whether they like it or not! Add that to the fact that this year's presidential election seems to have more people involved than ever before and wanting to share their personal beliefs ad nauseam,  a voting booth selfie is bound to happen.

Yep, instead of posting a selfie with their 'I Voted' sticker to proclaim the completion of their civic duty, some rocket scientist is going to take things one step further and take a selfie in their voting booth. That then begs the question, is it illegal to take a voting booth selfie? Yes... and no. It depends on which state you live and vote in.

You'll be relieved to know that it's NOT illegal to take a picture while in your voting booth in Louisiana which is a relief because who knows what the cops would have responded in Shreveport. (!) In Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, the legality of taking a voting booth selfie is unclear. However, taking a selfie with your ballot in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia among others IS against the law.  I'm thinking it's either best to leave your camera in your vehicle or to double-check before election day just to be safe!

See the entire list of states and whether or not voting selfies are illegal at Vox.com. And remember, make yourself heard, vote November 3rd!

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