Halloween is here and if you see a house with this decoration outside, RUN FAR AWAY.

Let me start by saying this. If I get the baby girls out and all dressed up, and we head on down to Newcastle in Shreveport for some top-tier trick-or-treating, and we see this.... We will leave the neighborhood quicker than you can say "OH HELL NAW".

Seriously, this thing is straight out of a combination of a Stephen King book and your worst nightmares. To make matters worse, this animatronic is that of a clown. That, scientifically, makes this somehow even more frightening.

The best part about this thing? It's freaking out the internet in a video that was shot IN THE DAYTIME. So you know when it's nighttime on Halloween night, this thing is going to be a true treat for streetwalkers....

Check this out!


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