Gotta love a full moon. Some freaky lady told me one time if I cut my hair around a full moon that it would grow faster. I don't know if that is a scientific fact. But I think there is a basis on freaky things happening. My (and Stifler's) parents met in a mental hospital. I know, I know... that's the excuse! No, they worked there... HA! No excuse for our craziness. But seriously, my mom always told me when someone was acting crazy with me that there MUST be a full moon. She said the mental hospital was always busiest during the full moon. And we've all heard how more babies are born around a full moon. Well, wouldn't you know...the full moon is actually- TODAY!

So far, in the last 24 hours, I've had to explain the reason I don't hang out with someone is because they never are available to hang out. I lost (and found) my access to every door that doesn't have a key. I was told I was going to die because I use too much deodorant and drink bottled water, someone got mad at me because I kept asking them to repeat themselves AFTER they refused to take me off speaker phone...AND I had to apologize to someone that someone else looked at them.

Really?! I don't know what kind of alternate reality everyone else is in, because I might enjoy a little dillusion as a break from the chaos of moving. Ha. Weirdos.

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