J. Cole is trending on Twitter with the release of his latest video, ‘Sideline Story,’ a track from his successful debut ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story.’

The clip follows Cole on his European tour as he performs for crowds in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Paris, Copenhagen, Oslo and Berlin. He and his crew walk the streets of the famed cities, taking in the sights. He takes pictures with fans and signs autographs on girls’ chests. The video also features more private moments, like Cole playing pool and foosball with friends and ironing clothes in his hotel room.

Axel Laramee and Adam Roy directed the video, which serves to document Cole’s rise to fame. Next to the images of Cole visiting world class cities, he raps, “Up in first class, laugh even though it’s not funny / See a white man wonder how the f— I got money / While he sit at coach, hate to see me walk past him / Young black pants sag, headphones blastin’ / Know what he askin’, ‘How did he manage?’ / ‘With all the cards against him, he used them to his advantage.’

The Best New Artist Grammy nominee is now touring America as part of an eco-friendly college tour, and he’ll be one of the few rappers on the bill at this year’s Lollapalooza festival in August. Check out his latest visual creation below.

Watch the J. Cole ‘Sideline Story’ Video