Every month, I look ahead to see what weird national holidays fall in the coming days. April 9th has a pretty weird one that I decided to celebrate.  Yes, today I came to work smiling and excited. I've had this holiday circled on the good ole calendar for a few weeks, and I knew exactly how I wanted to celebrate once arriving to the studio.

As soon as I walked in before I said a word to anyone, I grabbed a co-worker, told him to hold my phone and follow me. Soon, I was bombarding the 710 Keel studio to see my good buddy, Robert J Wright.

Growing up, Robert J Wright was my favorite radio DJ to listen too. Then, he and Erin McCarty hosted the morning show on KRUF The Big Dog, now of course known as K945. These days, Robert J is a close friend.  I knew I had to share this special holiday doing something special and cherishing him. Enjoy!

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