I have only gone hunting once in my life, as a child. Finally, my friends who happen to be reality TV stars, invited me on a hunting trip.

While in middle school at Walnut Hill, I met a guy by the name of Wesley Nale. We struck up a friendship back then and we have been going at it ever since... These days our friendship mainly consist of a very small amount of brotherly love and a vast amount of making fun of each other. Naturally, like many of us in Shreveport, I was pumped to watch Wes and his dad Keith take on Survivor back in 2014. We all watched together weekly at Smitty's Pizza to root the boys on.

Live these days is relatively normal for the Nale men, Keith is a retired fireman and Wes and his brother Austin are Shreveport firemen. These boys like to hunt, and I've asked them for years to take me on one of their many hunting trips, but they just didn't believe the woods were a place for a city boy like me.

They might have been right., but that didn't stop them from allowing me to head to Nale Camp in Farmerville for my first taste of hog hunting.

The only think I killed in three days was about 50 beers, a bottle of Fireball, and a partially already-dead snake.

We did find one hog, but I didn't have the heart to kill it, even though the entire camp begged me to... Instead, an eight-year-old girl had the honors, and she made it look easy.

There was one particularly funny moment on the second day when I was riding with good ole Keith Nale. We had been on the trails all morning and I had gotten a little hungry. So I look at Keith, or Otis as most call him, and tell him the worst thing I could have ever said out loud to a former contestant on Survivor...

"Otis, man I'm starving let's head back to camp".

I've never seen a UTV on gravel come to a complete stop so quickly.

He looks at me and says, "Son, don't you ever say the S-word around me. You're not starving until you eat 300 termites out of a tree on national television."

And just like that, I went from starving to slightly hungry.

All-in-all, it was one of the best weekends of my life and hopefully I'll get to hangout with SS Outdoors again down the road!

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