Ah, the things I do for our listeners!

For those who know me, you know I'm deathly afraid of heights. Like, if I have to go to a building in downtown Shreveport and the meeting is on anything higher than the second floor, I ain't going!

So, it should come as a shock to you that yesterday, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane nearly two miles above the ground.

I must say, skydiving is one of the experiences I feel like every single human being should enjoy at least once. It's a feeling that's nearly indescribable, and there's only one place I'd recommend if you feel like experiencing it for yourselves.

Skydive Louisiana in Gilliam is the very best. They have a full staff that walks you through the entire process, and almost make you forget your about to plunge to the the earth at over 100 mph.

Check out my video below and then check out Skydive Louisiana to set up your jump!