Moments like this are what I truly cherish the most about the working for the Mudbugs.

For those who don't know, I've been blessed to have an awesome job with the Mudbugs organization since I was 17 years old. I am the arena host for the home games, meaning I get to have fun with the crowd for most of the game.

Of course, I love every thing about this job. I love the hockey itself, and I love the staff that works with me. More importantly though, to me anyways, I love the fans. I love the opportunity to meet listeners and hockey fans and try my best to make sure I say hello to as many people during the games, and make sure that everyone truly has a blast and a memorable night.

I truly cherish these moments at every single Mudbugs game.

This past weekend, I pulled a joke that I pull on a few unsuspecting kids every night. If I see a kid eating popcorn, I'll quickly run to them and ask them to give me some. A few offer up some delicious kernels, but for the most part, my quest for popcorn usually just ends in the kid laughing at me and not giving up the goods. This past weekend, while talking with Greg Atoms in the stands, I noticed a group of young hockey fans several rows up waving at me. I quickly wave back and ask for some of their popcorn. One of the guys got up and started walking down to me, I told him no, he has to throw them into my mouth from the top of the section.

What followed was truly one of the most fun exchanges I've ever had with a fan. He attempted several times to launch that popcorn down to me, getting closer with each and every toss. With every throw, the section around us got behind the kid and started cheering him on. Finally, the perfect throw... And the perfect catch... And the section exploded with celebration.

This is why Mudbugs hockey is so special to me.


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