How hard did age hit me? Like Mike Tyson in his prime punching a little school girl.

Yes, that is the appropriate way to describe how hard age has hit me.

This certainly is the first major social media trend of 2019. The concept is simple, take a picture, preferably from 10 years ago, and post it side-by-side with the most recent picture you have. The results will not only shock you, but also all of your friends.

For me, it was pretty eye-opening. I mean, I know I've kind of fallen off these days, like most do when they get older. But my goodness what a difference.

I know I've seen many of my friends and their "transformations" as well, and it always blows me away to see how much we all can change in a decade.

Here's mine below, and I would love it if everyone reading this would post their results on our Facebook thread as well!