The battle of speedy crawfish eaters wen't down today, here's the results!

Look, I'm definitely one to brag, but I might be the fastest crawfish eater on the planet. I don't know how it's possibly, but somehow I feel like I'm getting faster with each and every win. I won the last two celebrity crawfish eating contests at Mudbug Madness, and now everyone wants a shot at the champ.

Today's victim was Engineer Greer, who challenged me to a one-on-one crawfish eating battle last week. Greer is easily the hardest working person I know, so naturally it took a few days for his schedule to open up. Today, we stood up in front of three pounds each of the absolute best crawfish in town, Chuck Wagon Crawfish, and wen't to war.

I'm sure by now you can guess who won, but to leave nothing to the imagination, check out the video below!


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