If I could win some cold hard cash with our Make Money from Home Contest, here's what I would buy.

We're giving you three chances every weekday to win $1,000. One grand prize winner will win $10,000. Of course, I can't win, but I can dream, right?

COVID-19 has thrown our lives (and our wallets) for a loop. We want to help but giving away an absolute ton of money. Every single weekday at 8:20 AM, 12:20 PM, and 4:20 PM, we'll give you a secret code word that you'll enter right away on our free K945 mobile app.

While I was hyping up the contest this afternoon during the show, I started thinking about what I would buy if I won $1,000. I started with about a million ideas, but I finally narrowed it down to the top five.

Check out my list below and feel free to give me your top five in the comment section below!



  • 1

    I'm Going to Disney World (After COVID-19)

    Without a doubt, this is number one on my list. I try every year to take my daughters on a nice vacation. Generally it's a week at the beach, or maybe a cruise, but the ultimate dream would be Disney World. I haven't been able to pull it off quite yet, but $1,000 would definitely help.

  •  2

    1984 Datsun 300zx

    Everyone who knows me knows this is my favorite car of all time. Once upon a time, you could find me driving one of these suckers around Shreveport. Of course, those were the days before the kiddos, and I ended up selling it a few months before my daughter was born in favor of something with back seats. With a thousand bucks, I'm going to get my dream car.

  •  3

    Debt, Debt, and More Debt

    The responsible side of me would be pushing for this option if I came into $1,000. I don't have much debt, but with one thousand bones, I could get totally out of the red and finally be able to breathe a little.


  • 4

    Shopping Spree With The Daughters

    I cannot possibly tell you how happy it would make me to take my daughters to a local boutique and just go crazy. It's tough on a single dad to make sure the girls are always as cute as they want to be, but with $1,000, I'd buy them more clothes than they could ever know what to do with.

  •  5

    New Furniture, Finally

    It's been harder than I imagined to re-stock on new furniture. I've been chipping away, adding furniture here and there to all of our rooms, but with 1 G chilling in the bank account, I could pack the house with nice, new furniture.



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