That, my friends, is one awesome contest. One that our listeners deserve! In fact, this contest is so awesome, I once wrote a 10,000-word article to accurately describe how incredible it is! So if you've got a spare hour and want to read it, click HERE, I don'tCan think you'll be disappointed if you make it all the way to the end.

Anyways, this contest is one-of-a-kind, where listeners can hear a secret codeword every hour on the hour from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Once you hear a codeword, you'll enter it right away on the K945 app. It's that easy, and if it's your lucky day, that code word could win you up to $10,000!

That's a huge chunk of change and could certainly help out anyone lucky enough to win! So what if that's you? What if you win that money? What's the first thing you'll buy, right off the bat?

Personally, if I was eligible to win (which I'm not) I would most likely do something silly. Granted, I have a little self-control, but not when it comes to money. I feel like if I won that much cashola, I would buy my dream car... The 1984 Datsun 300zx Turbo. Man, I love that car.

So what about you? Maybe you need some inspiration. Below, you'll find K945's Most Shreveport things $10,000 can buy!

Most Shreveport Things You Can Buy for $10,000

If you won $10,000 and wanted to spend that money in our area, here's some of the best, coolest and most 'Shreveport' things Shreveport has to offer.

These Are The 7 Most Expensive Shreveport Neighborhoods

The list comes from Neighborhood Scout, a real estate focused website. Their definitions for these "expensive" Shreveport neighborhoods are a little odd, but you can check out their neighborhood boundaries included for each of the Shreveport neighborhoods listed.

Cheapest House Currently for Sale in Shreveport

This house has been on the market for 775 days and it's located on Karen St in Shreveport. It can be yours for $7,000.

Best Places to Hunt for Bigfoot in Northwest Louisiana

If a Bigfoot is located in Northwest Louisiana, here are the places you're mostly likely to find one. This list is complied from dozens of articles, official expert research and locals who claim to have seen the mythical creature.

25 Obscure Facts You Probably Don't Know About Louisiana

Louisiana is a weird and wild place. Some of our state's history is way stranger than fiction! Test yourself to see if you are a Bayou State expert!


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