One week down and we're still looking for your submissions!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world has changed. We're ALL missing out on something. Whether it's a concert, an experience, senior prom...COVID-19 has affected us all.

With that in mind, we want to spend the next two months highlighting our local area high schoolers and their high school experiences so far. Students, for the next eight weeks we want to celebrate you by sharing your favorite moments and memories from your high school experience. We've partnered with the U.S. Army to dedicate the next two months to sharing your stories, photos, and moments with the Ark-La-Tex.

Every other week, we will pick a different category for you to submit photos, videos, and stories under. Then, the following week, we share your submissions with the Ark-La-Tex. Submitting your info each week can be done by using the submit form on our K945 app, which you can download easily by clicking the button underneath this paragraph. You can also submit through any of our social media platforms including FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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This week we want to know about the school events and functions you miss the most. In 2020, a lot of things will change for you guys, especially high school events and functions. We want to see/hear about your memories involving high school sports, pep rallies, proms, graduations, ect. If you have photos or videos of you and your friends at any high school event/function, we'd love to see them and share them with the Ark-La-Tex! You can submit your media using our K945 app, or just send them straight to us using Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, or Twitter DM, to our @K945 accounts.

We can't wait to see your photos and videos, and hopefully, reliving these awesome memories will take you back to a more normal time.

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