Today, I can proudly say I'm typing this from inside the K945 studio and man am I happy about it.

While today, Governor John Bel Edwards highlighted Louisiana's road to reopening, I was graciously invited to rejoin most of my awesome co-workers at the studio. I was on lock-down at the house for five weeks as a precaution since I have little ones. The quarantine at home was a rough one to say the least, as my creativity supply was running extremely low towards the end and also my technology allowing me to broadcast live was failing more and more. I can't possibly stress how excited and happy I was to return to work today!

My co-workers all seemed happy to see me, despite the fact that I'm 99% sure I annoy most of them.

My amazing general manager, who called me or contacted me on a daily basis while I was working from home, gave me a COVID-19 friendly air-hug and allowed me the chance to say hello to my other co-workers who are still working from home via Zoom.

My show today has been exceptionally fun, as I forgot how fun (and easy) a radio show from an actual radio studio can be.

All-in-all, today was a nice first step back to normalcy, and man I'm just so happy to be back!



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