For those who have known me long enough, you know I have quite the daughter. River has been featured on this website several times for her hilarious antics. She threw a shoe, said a bad word, hates April Fools Day, and got glasses.

She's certainly one of a kind, and recently I think I bit off more than i can chew by starting a prank war with my 5-year-old daughter.

It all started when I asked her to bring me toilet paper and when she reached through the door, I rubbed melted chocolate onto her hand. Since then, it's been an all-out war. I thought I got the upper-hand when I filled her can of sprite up with pickle juice, but little did I know my daughter was waiting for the perfect opportunity to get me back.

On Father's Day, she took her shot.

All day, she was so excited to give me my Father's Day gift that she picked out. According to my mom, River went to Wal-Mart and specifically asked for this gift. Luckily, our friend works there and she was able to find this item in the store.

I must say, this is probably one of the sweetest/funniest gifts I've ever received.