The past week has been a bittersweet one for my little family. Last week, we learned my oldest daughter, River, has had limited eyesight since she was born.

We noticed some warning signs recently, when we noticed she was favoring one eye over the other, and even told me she can see out of the other eye, it's just really blurry.

Naturally, that scared us. We quickly made an appointment and took her to see the phenomenal staff at Eye Care on Line Avenue.

There, we learned she can virtually see nothing out of her right eye. In fact, her eyesight in that eye was so bad, she had completely stopped using it. They informed us had we not caught this in time, the eye would have eventually became nonfunctional, and would have began drifting inward.

Thankfully, my daughter was fitted with glasses that would help her see out of that eye and they would begin rehabilitating her bad eye almost immediately.

Of course, my daughter has always been able to see, in her own way, but today was certainly special to see her finally open her eyes and see everything the way God intended.

Here's the moment she received her glasses!