Just a few days ago I wrote about how hard first days of school are for parents.... Then I get hit with this!!

It's true, my daughter is growing up far too quickly. I know every parent says this, but I genuinely feel like I held her in my arms in a hospital room for the first time like a year ago. Every single day I look at her and can't believe how big, smart, independent she has gotten.

This week was her first week at school at Fairfield Magnet. It was a rough Monday for me, and I know I have many more first days ahead. Then, today, I got hit with the emotion bomb again as I went to her school to surprise her with lunch.

Staring into the crowded lunchroom, I looked all over for my little baby girl. When I found her, it was by big girl, in her pep squad uniform for the very first time. Just seeing it and seeing her absolutely melted my heart and sent me into an emotional state for the rest of the day.,

I'm so proud of her, I just wish I could hold on to my baby girl for just a little while longer!