If you're responsible for teaching my daughter this fowl, but hilarious handshake, show yourself!

Let me start by saying I love a good dirty joke. Who doesn't? However, when that dirty joke comes from my six-year-old child, I gotta draw the line right there.

So last night I'm hanging out with my oldest daughter, River. She absolutely loves taking pictures and videos of herself doing something cool. Usually this pertains to living room cartwheels and bike rides.

So it's not out of the ordinary for her to ask me to film her before she does something she considers special. Most of the time she asks me to record her so I can "show all my friends". Last night, she told me she learned a secret handshake, and she wanted to show me, but she would only show me if I filmed her. So I did, and I did certainly did not expect this to come out of her mouth.