It seems like just yesterday we started 2nd grade at Fairfield. Today, I got my daughter's first progress report and had to have a sit-down talk with her.

I used to think it was nerve-wracking to get my own progress reports and report cards. Now, I know it's 10x worse when you're about to receive your child's. You want your child to do so good, partly because you know how much hard work they've put into their grades. You want to see the results, and you want your little one to be proud of the work they've done.

I get nervous every single time, and I have to say, my oldest daughter, River, has came through time and time again... But it's a new year.

Today was the day for the first progress report of the school year, and I decided to have a little fun with my big girl.

Here's our talk after I looked at her grades...



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