We do this every single year... Why is it so hard?

I guess I;m all up in my feelings this week as my daughter began school at Fairfield Magnet. This year, she's my big second grader and it's just now hitting me, two days after she started.

I know this is just my third "first day" but now I'm wondering if it ever gets easier?? As parents, do we truly ever get to a point where it's fine and dandy that our kids are growing up at the speed of light? This year, River was so excited to kick off the school year. She couldn't wait to get to class and meet her teacher and see her friends.

Of course, that joy surrounding school returning after a long summer break will surely eventually fade, but this year, she was through the roof about starting back up again.

She loves her new teacher, and I know this is going to be a great school year.

Hopefully the first day of third grade will be a little easier on her dramatic daddy, but I highly doubt it...