Things got a little hectic at the Whatley household on Pizza Night, and my daughter felt a certain way about it.

Once a week, I order pizza for the girls and we camp out in the living room for a movie. This week, though, both daughters really wanted Lunchable pizzas. Personally, I wasn't complaining. I've got a million of those things and anytime I can wait 30 seconds for pizza instead of 30 minutes, I'll take it.

However, I noticed those pesky Lunchable folks sure are stingy when it comes to their cheese. I knew what those tiny three pizzas needed, and it was pretty simple... A gigantic mound of shredded cheese on top.

I whipped up the delicacy to my daughter's amazement, as they sat in silence watching the cheese mountain grow.

Finally, my oldest daughter looked at me and said something that instantly made my laugh and quickly grab my camera to clarify.

Here you go!



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