Today, I had the privilege of hosting the first ever Independence Bowl Fan Fest and Tailgate Party, and mad, I have so many things to say!

First and foremost, it's amazing to me that in 2020, the I-Bowl hosted a tailgate of this magnitude for the first time ever! The Independence Bowl is one of the longest running Bowl Games in America, founded in 1976, and just this year we get this massive, insane Tailgate party! Crazy!

It certainly was a party, all day long. When I arrived at 10:00am, one of my favorite local bands took the stage and rocked that [place for two hours straight. The Good News, from right here in Shreveport, were fantastic and certainly got the party going.

From there, every one on site witness a truly remarkable battle of the bands between Miami's Band of the Hour, and LA Tech's Band of Pride. Both bands were so unbelievably great, and the crowd loved every second of it.

After that, Cha Wa closed the party out in style. It wouldn't be a true Louisiana party without one of the best groups in Louisiana laying down that soul that only we can down here. Cha Wa is a grammy-nominated band from New Orleans.

I hope to see many more of these Fan Fest Tailgate parties at the Indeendence Bowl. It was an absolute joy to be a part of, job well done to all involved!



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