This week, I would love to bring you inside the studio halls as a budding friendship was formed.

For anyone unaware, I have always been a fan of Robert J Wright. Robert, for those unaware, is radio royalty in Shreveport, and has made his career here in town for decades, as well as a nationwide resume of radio stops all across the states.

When I was growing up in Shreveport, I would listen to Robert J Wright every morning on The Big Dog 94.5. He hosted mornings with his longtime partner in crime, Erin McCarty and no morning commute, for me anyways, was complete until I heard what Robert was talking about that day.

Flash forward several years, and all of a sudden I found myself working right beside my favorite radio personality of all time. Luckily for me, after we started working Mudbugs hockey games together, he and I became great friends.

Around the office, we're known for our off-air antics. To this day, you can hear us cutting up in the hallways every morning at 6341 Westport Ave. We ruthlessly crack jokes on one another, and also effortlessly set-up each other with hilarious one-lines that we have been perfecting in the office for years.

One of my favorite things Robert and I used to do, is we would post-up near an office or around an audience of any kind, and play catch with a small, squishy ball. Only, we wouldn't catch it. Instead, we would pretend like we would catch it, only to whiff completely and allow the ball to come awkwardly crashing onto our face. Even if no one got the joke, we would get the joke and that will always be special to me.