I've made a lot of videos for K945 over the past 13 years, but this one might be my all-time favorite.

The funniest "behind the scenes" note worth knowing is that while this video is only one year old, it was originally thought of about three years before that. I had this idea to host a weekly "game show" in Shreveport. Only this was a pop-up game show, meaning it would just basically happen out of nowhere with total strangers.

Unfortunately, the idea just sat in my office, and also the prematurely bought suitcase/podium, for nearly four years. The reason for the delay was basically a combination of two things... My desire for it to look as great as it could, and also my lack of giveaway money.

Then, years down the road, everything fell into place... At least for one episode.

To help me with the filming and capturing of audio, I connected with one of my good friends, and a truly talented content creator, Josh Munds. I've worked with Josh about a million times for a ton of projects, so it was a perfect fit for Jay Walking.

To help me with the prizes, I teamed up with the Louisiana Boardwalk. While I originally wanted to give away cold-hard cash, Boardwalk gift cards were just as good, and that gave me a great location for the first every pop-up gameshow.

Who knows? Maybe one-day things will fall into place again and we'll finally get to see episode number two of Shreveport's Favorite Pop-Up Game Show: Jay Walking.


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