Since Father's Day is fast approaching, I wanted to write about the day I became a father for the second time.

Of course, it goes without saying that the day I became a father was the most special day of my life. It was indescribable and borderline frightening. River, my oldest daughter came, and it was an amazing day and certainly one that changed my life forever.

I wanted to share the story of when my second daughter, Rosie, was born.

I was so shaken up and frightened by the scene I witnessed in the birthing room during the birth of our first child, that for baby number two, I decided to wait in the waiting room with River until Rosie finally came to tell the world hello.

I knew it would be quite the experience for River and I to meet Rosie together, at the same time, and man I was so excited for that moment.

River's birth lasted an entire day, Rosie on the other hand, lasted only a few hours.

It feels like River and I had just sat down when the nurse came out to tell us we have a new little girl to meet. I walked into that room so happy and nervous and excited to meet Rosie. When I saw her, she was everything. She was blonde and she was healthy, the only two things I asked for. I grabbed her and held her and hugged her, not wanting to let her go at all. I finally dropped her down to meet River for the very first time and when River held her and looked into her eyes, she said four words that I'll never forget for as long as I live...

She said, "I wanna hit her."

And that has been their loving relationship ever since.