Justice has been served for Braveheart, the pitbull puppy who was locked in an un-airconditioned storage unit with no water or food during the height of summer right here in Louisiana. If you're not familiar with Braveheart's struggle, you can find his story below. Never before have we seen our community unite as one as we have for Braveheart. Public outcry has remained strong since this horrible tragedy occurred in 2013.


According to KSLA, Braveheart's abuser, Gabriel Lee, was found guilty of animal cruelty. It only took the jurors around an hour to hand down a verdict of simply cruelty to animals. Because Lee was charged with a misdemeanor, he could receive up to six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. If it had been a felony charge, Lee would have faced additional fines and could have gotten up to ten years in prison.