The Internet has a new king right now and his name is Justin Bieber. The net reached a fever pitch this week with the new ‘Boyfriend‘ single – and now we get to see outtakes of The Biebs from the single’s promo shoot. It’s proof he’s well on his way to manhood. 

Justin Bieber is quite the looker, as these images so deftly illustrate. He is photographed sitting on a flowery, grandma-style couch and perched on a window sill in front of exposed brick in what appears to be a loft. He’s chilling on a cracked leather chair, as well. He’s seated in most of the shots, with his hands jammed in his pockets or clasped in front of him. There is a casual, relaxed atmosphere that laces these photos.

Sneakers factor prominently into each outfit, as do red jeans, a white hoodie and a leather jacket.

But what about the hair? The infamous Bieber bangs are blown back and off his forehead, which is not a new style for him. It’s just not what we’d expect to see from him, given that the bangs are a household name.

The fact that he has sidestepped his signature coif  is further proof that he is shedding his teenybopper image and growing into a true pop star with a more adult edge.

The Biebs is hot. He’s 18 now and he and his handlers are clearly evolving his image to expand his fanbase and it’s working. But Beliebers needn’t worry. He’s still your hero and always will be!