The time has come where your girlfriend is sick of watching you destroy zombies and 12 year olds on call of duty. She wants to play but we all know that shooter games get boring pretty fast, at least for me. Tucker, the boyfriend, and I had a long talk about games that we can play together. Since we spend our days at work away from each other we try to make the most of our nights at home. But when we come home we just want to recharge after a long day.

So Tucker went on a search for video games that we can play together and I won't get bored of shooting circles in the ground.

Tucker's List of Games to Play with Your Girlfriend (on xbox one)

  • 7 Days to Die, for the love of your life who loves to kill zombies.
  • Battle Block Theatre, for the girl who loves cats.
  • Peggle 2, for the girl who loves farting unicorns and arcade-like puzzles.
  • Any Lego Game Ever Made, because its Legos!
  • Wolf Among Us, for the girl who loves twisted fairy tale stories.
  • Gears Of War, for the hardcore gamer girls.
  • Red Dead Redemption, for the girls who love cowboys.


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