Now that ‘Boyfriend‘ has landed at radio and digital retailers and is on pace to be a major hit, Justin Bieber can move on to the next phase of promoting the falsetto-driven song, which is shooting the video.

The Biebs tweeted that he is in the process of filming, and some photos from the set have found their way online. We are already imagining and dreaming up what the video treatment for ‘Boyfriend’ will be, since the lyrics are so relationship-specific.

In the photos from the shoot that surfaced on the web, The Biebs is wearing a leather jacket and a chain, posing with honey brunette who is wearing a denim vest. They both look like a hip and stylish couple. We’re going to venture a guess that she’s the person he wants to be the ‘Boyfriend’ of. His presumed co-star is cute, but she’s no Selena Gomez, whose ‘Boyfriend’ is Bieber in real life, as all self-respecting Beliebers well know.

The Biebs tweet about the shoot was simple and not exactly revelatory, but of course, we cannot wait to see it. He posted: “#BOYFRIENDVideo day 1 is a wrap!! This video goes hard!! #swaggie.”

Again, we’re overcome with anticipation.