Justin Bieber marked the live performance debut of his brand new smash single ‘Boyfriend’ on the season finale of ‘The Voice‘ this evening, May 8. The Biebs taking the stage was just as anticipated as the announcement of the winner.

Bieber hit that stage right before the Season 2 winner was announced. Wearing gold kicks, a jacket with gold grommets and a mouthpiece mic, he bounded down the steps and was surrounded by a troupe of female dancers. He looked irritated briefly and shot one of the dancers a dirty look for a hot sec. We’re not sure what that was about, but we noticed!

The teen was bumping and grinding, Michael Jackson-style, and we almost couldn’t handle our little Biebs being all grown up. We’re like mama birds, pushing our baby out of the nest in the real world.

Even when Bieber was surrounded by several dancers, he was still the superstar of the show, and all eyes were fixated on him.

It was no accident that the camera panned to Christina Aguilera, who was watching intently and grooving in her big red chair while Bieber did his thing. She reacted coolly to him earlier this season, so seeing her overtaken by the power of the Biebs and ‘Boyfriend’ was refreshing. You can’t fight it, girl. So just give in.

The Biebs’ performance was full of swag, swag, swag,  Well done, Biebs. Well done.

Watch Justin Bieber Perform ‘Boyfriend’ on ‘The Voice’

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