Justin Bieber is quite the practical joker nowadays! After punking his pal Taylor Swift, he has another new victim: pro skater and star of ‘Rob and Big,’ Rob Dyrdek.

“I think we should get Rob Dyrdek,” Bieber says in the intro the clip. “I don’t think he’d expect it from me.” That’s just because he doesn’t know any better just yet!

In the incident, Bieber is at a restaurant with Dyrdek and pal Sean Kingston when someone crashes their party — literally! An angry girl deliberately crashes her car into the patio of the eatery, scaring the daylights out of the diners. The girl gets out of the car and heads straight to Dyrdek, mad as h-e-double-hockey-sticks. Ruh roh.

“What did you guys say to her that she did this?!” a man asks the group. Bieber responds, barely keeping a straight face, “You were screaming at her!” Dyrdek ducks about in the background, clearly freaked out.

We’ll have to wait til March 29 to see the full episode, but rest assured: karma and Ashton Kutcher are probably coming for Bieber himself soon!

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