Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber both have signature styles. Swift digs elegant, girly dresses, sparkly eyes and red lips. Biebs is known almost as much for his hair as he is for his hits. Now, they’ve both acquired what may be their signature facial hair looks: mustache eyebrows.

Some Photoshop wizards at TheFW.com cut, pasted and smudged their way to hilarity. A gallery of 16 celebs, including Bieber and Swift, above, as well as Rihanna and a slew of other A-listers, features mustaches as eyebrows — and vice versa. Bizarre isn’t even the word.

The gallery comes shortly after the proliferation of Cholafied, a website dedicated to making celebs look like the stereotypical “chola” chick. Bieber and Rihanna were pictured there as well, complete with requisite “Sharpied” eyebrows, dark lip liner and Monroe piercings.

Click below to take a gander at the funny faced gallery, but beware: If you chuckle loudly enough, your bosses will be on to you!