This is very immature drama but I love it.

So for those who are unaware of this juicy gossip, Justin Bieber recently posted pictures of he and his "friend" who is 17-years-old.

He posted a few and the venom in his comment sections were just extreme.

So Bieber fired back at his fans via Instagram claiming if they didn't lay off the hate, he would make his profile private.

Things went up a notch when his ex, Selena Gomez, popped in to share her thoughts on the subject. Here's what she had to say...




Hmmm... Shots fired indeed. Good ole Justin wasn't about to take that, and quickly fired off an insta-shot of his own.




Whoa now, I felt like I was back in middle school at Walnut Hill for a second, but the drama wasn't over quite yet. Selena then fired back with her own claims against Bieber.




To add insult to injury, Selena took a victory lap by posting this.



Boom! Game, set, match. Well played Selena.