Justin Bieber is a tease for sure. The teen phenom released a third teaser for his ‘Boyfriend‘ video today, sending Beliebers into a frenzy.

In the latest clip, there’s a speaker blasting the opening notes to the song. We see Bieber approach a girl wearing extremely large, almost-dangerous looking rings and whispering in her ear. In another shot just of his eyes, he stares into the camera, which then flashes to his lips. In the final shots, we see Bieber’s silhouette in front of a spotlight and some smoke, rocking a very Michael Jackson-esque pose, with his ankles crossed and hand outstretched, snapping his fingers.

The first teaser showed Bieber in a dark room, first alone, then being pawed at by a few sets of lucky female hands. The second featured a fully clothed Bieber gradually sinking to the bottom of a pool, then dry and in a leather hoodie brooding in front of a burning tire swing. He’s said that the full video has “no steady concept,” and he’s proving it to be true.

The teaser announces, like the others, that the video is “coming soon,” but doesn’t specify when. It’s a safe bet that Beliebers will be waiting with bated breath until it premieres.

Watch Justin Bieber, ‘Boyfriend’ Video Teaser

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