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According to major news outlets, the United States Food and Drug Administration will be ordering Juul Electronic Cigarettes off the market in the United States.

Juul Labs Inc. has faced years of pressure and scrutiny from US regulators over their controversial product. Just a few years ago, Juul attempted to stop this action by self-imposing changes. In 2019 the company removed their fruity flavored product from the market, hoping to calm regulators. But it didn't work.

Juul Suspends Sales Of All Flavored E-Cigarettes Ahead Of Impending Ban
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

So why are the feds coming after Juul in the first place, and why would their decision to drop fruity and sweet flavors a solution in their minds? Its because regulators are worried about "the kids".

The FDA has accused Juul of predatory marketing aimed at kids and teenagers. Regulators and anti-vaping groups have repeatedly pointed at studies, like this one from the CDC, that show high numbers of kids in the US who vape:

“As previously reported, e-cigarettes were the most common tobacco product currently used among middle and high school students (2.06 million) in 2021. This was followed by cigarettes (410,000), cigars (380,000), smokeless tobacco (240,000), hookahs (220,000), nicotine pouches (200,000), heated tobacco products (170,000), and pipe tobacco (80,000).”

Juul has been one of, if not the, biggest company in the e-cigarettes space since hitting the market in 2015. Some of the reports have labeled them as the company that saved the industry. Which would be one of the biggest reasons that US regulators would target them.

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