THE LAST CONTEST EVER (Maybe) is here and it's on each and every afternoon thru this Friday (the end of the world, duh!) with Bristol. Just in case you haven't heard, here's the deal. Some people are saying the end of times is coming THIS Friday 12/21/12

And since the end of the world is coming and all, we talked a few artists into giving up some of their favorite stuff since they won’t need it after the Rapture. So join the parade of crazy and score some schwag before Christmas!

Listen to Bristol for your chance to win iPod Shuffles from and Britney Spears and  Wiis from Hunter Hayes, iPod Shuffles, an RC Helicopter, DVD Player or an iHome speaker from Britt Nicole and One Direction action figures from One Direction, Furbies from Of Monsters and Men and Louisiana Lottery Holiday Cheer Packs, tickets to see Lady Gaga in Dallas in 2013 at her Born this Way Ball and even Fox 33 Prize Packs! We've also got your tickets to the big Mardi Gras kickoff party 12th Night, Saturday, January 5th at the Bossier Civic Center presented by the Krewes of Centaur and Gemini.

It’s the LAST CONTEST EVER! (Maybe) from Interscope, Capitol, Columbia, Roadrunner and Universal Records as well as the Louisiana Lottery, Fox 33, the Krewe of Centaur and Live Nation on Shreveport/Bossier's Sound Track for the Apocalypse... K945!

Join K945 and Phoenix Underground as we count down to the end of the world Friday, December 21st with your final chance to win with THE LAST CONTEST EVER… maybe…

Last Contest Ever (Maybe) Wii Winner from Road Runner Records!

Check out some of winners so far!!! Keep listening because we have more chances to win!

Abby Carter - Portable DVD Player
Amanda Sexton - iPod Shuffle
Ashley Whitelaw - iPod Shuffle and Louisiana Lottery Cheer Bag
Ben Bell - Furby and Louisiana Lottery Cheer Bag
Brittany Cogswell - Lady Gaga tickets and Louisiana Cheer Bag
Damon Hubbard - iHome Speaker
Gary Sinclair - Lady Gaga tickets
Jamie Lozada - iPod Shuffle
Jessica Briggs - Wii
Jessica Brown - iPod Shuffle
Justin Greene - iPod Shuffle and Louisiana Lottery Cheer Bag
Leslie Alghareeb - One Direction Dolls/Action Figures
Nathan Scruggs - Furby and Louisiana Lottery Cheer Bag
Nikki Vassal - iPod Shuffle
Rachel Ferrell - Furby
Rebecca Patterson - iPod Shuffle and Louisiana Lottery Cheer Bag
Sandy McClure - Furby
Stacie Roskowski - iPod Shuffle
Tiffany Rich - Wii
Valerie Hubbard - Furby