We knew the "I'm Ready for a Crazy Stupid Killer Summer Kickoff" would rock our faces off, but all three of these bands are beyond talented.

I had to pinch myself last night at our summer kickoff. AJR kicked things off and I thought, "Wow, these guys can really sing."

Then My Crazy Girlfriend took the stage and I caught myself just staring, mouth agape, at each member as they sang. Again, beautiful vocals.

Finally, The Ready Set hopped on stage. At this point, I was just blown away.

How lucky are we to be able to showcase such talent?! In a world of auto-tune and lip-syncing, it was so refreshing to see artists who are just straight up talented singers. Not to mention, you can see their passion shine through their music.

I just loved every moment and never wanted it to end. Big thank you to everyone that came out last night. It was truly a spectacular night!