After last week’s performance on ‘Duets,’ Jordan Meredith needed to prove that she had some swagger to go with her voice. After an unbelievably fun performance of Miranda Lambert’s ‘Mama’s Broken Heart,’ she definitely changed her fate on the show.

Meredith sounds great with Kelly Clarkson, but she hasn’t shown she has the stage presence to walk away from the competition a star. She admitted during her rehearsal video that she gets nervous on stage and feels uncomfortable. The two chose Lambert’s girl power song because it has so much sass that it would have to pull Meredith out of her shell.

It worked. Not only did the two rock the song, Meredith owned the stage. Clarkson backed off and let her take the limelight, and her duet partner lit up in it. She even went to the “Superstar Lounge” and engaged the other stars individually with the confidence she needed for a high-ranking performance.

The superstar judges ate it up. She got rave reviews. John Legend said, “Wow. Wow. Wow.” He loved the energy Meredith was projecting and said, “You looked like a rock star. You looked like you wanted to own this place and you did it.” Robin Thicke agreed that Meredith looked good. In fact, he said she looked “as tasty as pie.” He told her she was sultry, sexy and gorgeous and he was excited to see a whole new person.

Jennifer Nettles finished the comments by agreeing with her counterparts. She loved the performance and she loved the choice of song. She was happy to hear Meredith’s voice separately from Clarkson’s in the song. She also complimented Meredith for taking the notes and criticism from the week before and growing in her next performance.

After the scoring, Meredith ended up in the second place spot out of the first three performers. We hope she earned herself plenty of time on the show with that performance, because we want to see her and Clarkson sing together again and again. They feed off each other in a really exciting and fun way.

Watch Jordan Meredith + Kelly Clarkson Perform ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ on ‘Duets’