Lamar Odom may be heading into an early retirement. It was announced yesterday that the Dallas Mavericks are done with Lamar. They stuck him on the inactive list for the remainder of the season and he will probably get traded after the season is over. Sources are saying that Mr. Khloe Kardashian was dropped because of his attitude and inconsistent effort. He brought too much drama to the court and couldn’t get past his issues. Just during his short stint in Dallas, he had to deal with his father’s illness, Khloe’s questionable paternity all while playing the worst basketball he’s ever played in his life and filming for multiple reality shows. Lamar never grasped the Dallas lifestyle and is ready to move right now, but the team has not officially released him yet. Khloe insists that the reality shows didn’t get in the way of his basketball career but is afraid that this move may force Lamar into an early retirement.

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