Same kid, same.

I feel this little guy on every level, he gets it, and at such a young age.

All kidding aside, a wedding is one of, if not THE most sacred moment in a couple's life together. It's the most special day for a relationship, where every single thing that happened in their life, led them to that moment in time.

A moment they will remember and cherish forever. And the pinnacle moment of this sacred day? The kiss, of course.

This couple's moment will be remembered for more reasons than one.

The wedding was gorgeous, the ceremony flowed effortlessly, the kiss came and what a beautiful kiss it was.

Well, almost everyone thought so.

One kid at the ceremony disagreed and quickly yelled "EWWWW" during the kiss. Fortunately, everyone had a good laugh over the grossed-out kiddo.

Check this out!





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