Constantly, I see people asking for new recommendation for TV shows. This is THE recommendation,

So when I'm not in the studio, making out with your eardrums on a daily basis, I like to find new shows to watch on Netflix/Hulu. I'll watch a lot of pilot/1st episodes, but most of the time it won't catch me and I'll move on to the next show and try that one out.

I think I just hit a goldmine.

Jim Carrey is back to TV, where it all started for the Hollywood A-lister. Jim currently stars in a show called "Kidding" on Showtime. By the way, you can add Showtime to Hulu now for just $5.00 a month!

This show is so good, y'all, I don't even know where to start. In the show, Carrey plays a beloved children's TV show host. It's very Mr. Rogers-esque. Jim's character, Mr. Pickles, is genuinely the nicest guy in the world, both on and off the screen. He see's the world in a totally different, pure way, and spends every day trying to make the world a better place.

Quickly in the series, his life begins completely falling apart around him. We're then taken on a journey of watching this man try to hold his life together, while holding on to his thoughts on the world and the people who inhabit it.

I'm telling you, right now, you will LOVE this show.

Here's the trailer.



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