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Saying that Louisiana does its own "thang," is like saying that Noah was pretty good at dealing with rain.  This state has more personality than most of the other ones combined, and the proof keeps popping up again and again.  This time, the latest addition to the "What in the Louisiana?" list is coming out of the venerable St. Joseph Catholic Church near Lafayette.

We all know the story of the last supper, right?  That's when Jesus gathered his disciples together for one last meal before his eventual capture by the Romans.  Even Judas, the one who betrayed him, was seated at the table that night.  Most of us envision this event as brought to us via the world famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci (not the Ninja Turtle) pictured below.

Chinese Celebrate Christmas
China Photos/Getty Images

Leo's painting may be the most famous, but it's not the only one by a long shot.  Lots of artists have attempted to capture this incredible moment, but the one by artist Christie Hebert that hangs in the St. Joseph Catholic Church is probably the most authentic Louisiana interpretation in the world.  See if you can spot the Bayou State influence:

Nicholas DuPré
Nicholas DuPré

As you can see, this is a beautiful work of art.  According to the report from USA Today, the work was commissioned in 2003 by the Reverend Bryce Sibley.  Sibley now teaches at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, but told reporters that the church needed a little "spicing up."  If you didn't notice, the Reverend meant that quite literally.  In case you didn't spot it before, here's a closer look:

Nicholas DuPré
Nicholas DuPré

See that in between the wine and the cup in front of an unnamed, white-bearded disciple?  Looks like this guy (St. Boudreaux?) brought some Tabasco to supper to spice up that bread.  This very-Louisiana Easter Egg has apparently spawned a legend whose story traveled to the birthplace of Tabasco - Avery Island.

Combination Of Rising Sea Levels And Subsiding Land Endanger Louisiana Coast
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Let's fast-forward to 3 years ago, when current pastor Nicholas DuPré arrived at the church at first heard about the secret hot sauce bottle hidden in the painting.  After receiving a letter from a historian at the McIlhenny Co requesting confirmation of this legend - DuPre had to get out a ladder and find out for himself.  He took the beautiful pictures featured above confirming the urban legend once and for all.  In thanks, the pastor received a large, commemorative bottle of - you guessed it, Tabasco Sauce!

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