One of My Favorite Latin Street Foods is an Arepa.

An arepa is a Latin street food popular in Venezuela and in Colombia. Think of an arepa as a really thick tortilla almost like flatbread made from ground maize dough. An arepa is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and what you fill it with really comes down to what region you're in. Mainly it's meat, eggs, beans, and cheese inside the arepa. Up until the arrival of Miami Latin Kitchen, there was nowhere to secure the delicious street food.

Miami Latin Kitchen has introduced arepas and empanadas to the Shreveport community. If you got to their website they say "Our mission is to bring you the best of Latin American cuisine with a bit of creativity. We have created a menu that combines healthy and savory dishes from around the world with the freshest ingredients to bring you an ever changing culinary adventure."

Now Miami Latin Kitchen Has Announced a Brick-and-Mortar Location.

"Hey Shreveport! We are so excited to announce our official opening date After so much hard work and a few bumps on the road we are finally ready to open our doors this next Wednesday June 12"

The restaurant is located at the Pierremont Hills Shopping Center the address is 941 E 70th Shreveport, LA.

History Of Geek'd Con Guests

Geek'd Con is Shreveport's biggest comic and pop culture event. Launching in 2015, the event quickly became one of the premiere comic con style events in the entire state of Louisiana.

A big part of that growth has been the celebrity guest lineups. Since the first show in 2015, the quality of guests attending Geek'd Con rivals any pop culture event of this size. From classic Star Wars stars to guests from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Geek'd Con has welcomed the biggest names from multiple generations. Here's a look at the history of guests at Geek'd Con.

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