And she was doing so well!!! I mean seriously! The judge even said Lindsay was on the right track! Hmmmm... If  you'll remember, this isn't the first time she's  had car trouble. 

According to, Lindsay Lohan had an oops! nearby the Hookah Lounge in LA early this morning. Apparently, she was leaving the Sayers Club. She was attempting a three point turn will avoiding paparazzi in her new Porsche when leaving the club just after midnight this morning. In the process, she grazed the club manager's knee. The plot seems to be thickening by the minute! Will he press charges? If he does, will she land in the pokey? Heck, I didn't think she had any money left, but with a new Porsche, she's clearly not on skid row. Time will tell my friends, time will tell! What I really want to know is if she was smoking anything funny:) lol We hookah, do you?